September Means Changes To Your Skin Care Routine

September 04, 2018

Fall Skincare Routine | Island Thyme Soap Company

Unless you are blessed like us to live in an environment where it's eternally summer, September means it's time to trade those flip flops and tank tops for jeans and a sweater. 

As the temperature begins to drop and the weather becomes more turbulent, it's still important to be sun protected so keep the sunscreen and sunglasses handy.  No matter the fall season's wardrobe, certain part of the body, the head, neck and hands tend to remain exposed to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation year-round. Not coincidentally, the face, head and neck are where the majority of skin cancers occur.

Skin Care Routines Must Change With The Seasons

The skin is the barrier between the internal and external world and as much as they may wish summer wouldn't end so soon, for most people reading this, it’s just not summertime anymore. September also means it's time to transition away from summer skincare routines. Temperatures may vary greatly from one day to the next, It can be hot, humid during the day and cooler and dryer at night. The water in the air affects the balance of water (hydration) in the skin. A humid climate can soften skin and make it easy to maintain fullness, but a dryer climate can dehydrate the skin, making more likely to show fine lines and wrinkles.

As always, we believe any skincare routine should begin with gently cleansing the skin the right way. Ditch the detergents, the body washes that contain alcohol or harsh synthetic surfacants because they also strip your skin of natural oils. Use a naturally gentle true soap. Frequent hot showers or baths can also strip your skin of natural oils. Limit your showers or baths to no more than 10 minutes, pat dry, and moisturize while your skin is still damp. 

It’s best to use a lighter moisturing in the spring and summer and cream in the fall and winter. Because we tend to sweat more in summer it’s best if moisturizer we use has a lighter base so it doesn’t clog pores. In the fall we’re transitioning into colder windy days, blasting heaters, and less water in the air all of which suck that hydration out of our skin leaving behind a dry, flaky surface that highlights lines and wrinkles. During the warmer days of Indian Summer, our Hemp Seed Lotion can be the ideal tall drink of water for the skin during the daytime. 

Skin also tends to naturally produce less oil in the fall and winter months.  You'll want to seal water in the skin and preserve moisture when the humidity is low. Applying a moisturizer that's oil-based will create a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture than a cream or lotion.  Our Shea Body Butter contains a whopping 30% Shea Butter for intense and lasting hydration. 

As much as we'd all love to hang on to that summer tan, when it beging to fade your skin may appear dull or dirty. A quick sugar scrub will slough off the flakes, and give your arms and legs the pampering they crave. Our Demerara Sugar Scrub is with MINERALIZED Brown Sugar. No plain old brown sugar (refined white sugar from GMO beets bathed in a bit of molasses for us. Sugar has humectant properties, which means that it draws moisture in from the surrounding environment into the skin as it exfoliates. 

Keep a lip balm or a 100% Cocoa Butter Stick in your purse or pocket to pamper rough patches on the go.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

The best skin moisture comes from the inside. Dehydration doesn’t only make you feel bad, it wreaks havoc with the quality of your skin, too. According to New York City dermatologist Doris Day, MD, author of the book Forget the Facelift, your whole body, and your skin, goes into "repair mode when you sleep." Starting the day with a big glass of water, preferably ice cold, is great for kicking off your metabolism, rehydrating and sending the message to your brain that it’s time to get started. 

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