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Island Thyme Soap Company - a Handmade Company with a Mission 

How Island Thyme Soap Company Is Different.

This little company was born out of a love for natural ingredients and a passion for crafting soap that feels luxurious and nourishing to the skin.

Our story begins with a trip to Bora Bora, a breathtakingly beautiful island in the South Pacific. During my stay at a charming hotel, I was introduced to a coconut milk soap bar that immediately captured my senses. The soap was creamy, rich, and left my skin feeling incredibly soft. 

coconut milk in soap

After being diagnosed with MS, I started making handmade soap to limit my exposure to harsh chemicals found in many mass-produced hygiene and beauty products.  

I became fascinated by the idea of using coconut milk in soap, and began to research and experiment with different recipes. Here’s the kicker; coconut milk is a natural foaming agent! After many trials and errors, I finally created a formula that I fell in love with: a creamy, luxurious soap recipe made with coconut milk and skin nourishing oils and butters.

And then I decided I should be sharing my gentle and creamy soap with you.

My passion for soap-making led me to leave the corporate world and establish Island Thyme Soap Company in 2006.

Inspired by the charming beach town of Indian Rocks Beach Florida, Island Thyme Soap Company brings the essence of "Old Florida" to every small batch of soap and every candle we make.

Our Mission

At Island Thyme Soap Company, we take pride in creating the highest quality decorative handmade coconut milk soap bars and beach inspired intention candles. Our soaps are cruelty-free, phthalate-free, made with ethically sourced ingredients, long-lasting, responsibly packaged, and are shipped carbon neutral. Our candles are made with coconut-apricot wax, burning 80% cleaner than other waxes. We are also a member of the Greener Life Club, dedicated to promoting a more sustainable way of life and a member of the Handmade Soaps and Cosmetics Guild.

Our Commitment To Making a Positive Impact

Every item purchased leads to the planting of mangrove trees in Madagascar.
According to NOAA; blue carbon is simply the term for carbon captured by the world's ocean and coastal ecosystems. You have probably heard that human activities emit (or give off) something called carbon dioxide, which contains atmospheric carbon. You have also heard that these gases are changing the world's climate, and not in a good way. What you may not have heard is that our ocean and coasts provide a natural way of reducing the impact of greenhouse gases on our atmosphere, through sequestration (or taking in) of this carbon. Sea grasses, mangroves, and salt marshes along our coast "capture and hold" carbon, acting as something called a carbon sink.  

These coastal systems, though much smaller in size than the planet's forests, sequester this carbon at a much faster rate, and can continue to do so for millions of years. Most of the carbon taken up by these ecosystems is stored below ground where we can't see it, but it is still there. The carbon found in coastal soil is often thousands of years old! 

The bigger picture of blue carbon is one of coastal habitat conservation. When these systems are damaged, an enormous amount of carbon is emitted back into the atmosphere, where it can then contribute to climate change. So protecting and restoring coastal habitats is a good way to reduce climate change. When we protect the carbon in coastal systems, we protect healthy coastal environments that provide many other benefits to people, such as recreational opportunities, storm protection, and nursery habitat for commercial and recreational fisheries."

We contribute a % of each sale towards Mangrove tree planting because reforestation efforts revive natural habitats, improve coral reef health, support local livelihoods and aid in the fight against climate change by extracting CO2 from the air.

Trees are planted by Eden Reforestation Projects in partnership with thegoodapi.com.

Our Commitment To Climate

We clean up after ourselves.

Carbon-neutral shipping: Here's how it works: For every order we receive, a formula is used to calculate the estimated shipping emissions. Based on those estimates, a portion of our revenue goes to carbon removal companies that have been vetted by scientists from Carbon Direct. Those companies use that money to remove however much carbon our shipments created. Any extra funds go toward the further development of carbon removal technologies.

Indian Rocks Beach Access Photo credit -China Vandemar-Coder

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