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Island Thyme Soap Company

Cozy Cove Living - Daily Hygge Gratitude Journal

Cozy Cove Living - Daily Hygge Gratitude Journal

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Hygge, pronounced as 'hoo-ga,' is a timeless experience that makes you feel at home, a sanctuary safe from the outside world.  Start your hygge journey today and unlock the transformative power of gratitude! 

In our busy daily routines, it's easy to get carried away with negativity and focus more on what's wrong than on the countless blessings we receive.

Embrace the joy of everyday moments with the Daily Hygge Gratitude Journal, created by Beryl Anne Coder, the owner and creative director of Island Thyme Soap Company.

After a life-changing experience, Beryl discovered the power of hygge – the Danish concept of cozy contentment – to find calm and happiness in simple things. Now, she shares her passion through this journal, designed to help you cultivate gratitude, mindfulness, and hygge in your daily life. Filled with inspiring quotes, thoughtful prompts, and reflection exercises, this journal will guide you on a journey towards greater well-being.

This journal is a daily guide to help you rewire your brain for gratitude, allowing you to create a reservoir of positivity that can overflow into every aspect of your life

Benefits of Gratitude Journaling: Scientific research has shown that expressing gratitude leads to

  • Improved Mental Health,
  • A Sense of Inner Peace and Contentment,
  • Enhanced Sleep,
  • Increased Creativity and Resourcefulness.
  • Ultimately, it contributes to a more meaningful and productive life.

This undated lined journal is 120 pages long and includes inspiring quotes and insightful writing prompts encouraging a deeper reflection on gratitude. It's ideal for Hygge enthusiasts who love journaling in a cozy nook, (also known as a hyggekrog.) or anyone wishing to add more joy and happiness into their daily lives.

Start your hygge journey today and unlock the transformative power of gratitude.

Read all about the benefits of journaling in this blog post! 

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