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Mowtanco White Clay Matte Vase with a Double Ears Handle

Mowtanco White Clay Matte Vase with a Double Ears Handle

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The vase's simple, elegant form embodies hygge's appreciation for beautiful, functional objects that bring joy to everyday life. Its ability to display fresh flowers or dried botanicals allows for a changing connection to nature throughout the seasons, a key aspect of hygge living.

Add a touch of rustic elegance to your hygge sanctuary with this timeless ceramic vase. Perfect for displaying fresh flowers or standing alone as a beautiful sculptural piece.

  • 10-inch tall size ideal for statement floral arrangements
  • Matte white finish for a soft, calming presence
  • Two handles add character and vintage charm

Enhance your cozy space with this versatile vase, designed to bring a sense of nature and artisanal beauty to your home's most cherished nooks.

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