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We'll Take A Cup Of Kindness Yet...

With the New Year approaching, as more organizations and media companies publish 2020 retrospectives, we prefer to focus on the right now; this very minute. What we all needed yesterday is what's needed right now. And it's what we'll need for many months to come in 2021.

What the world needs now...is a cup of kindness

The traditional Scottish song we recognize on New Years Eve is based on a poem published by Robert BurnsThe lyrics “we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet” refers to the tradition of raising a glass, or a cup o’ kindness meaning with “good will, friendship and kind regard” and in remembrance of “noble deeds.”

The next several months are going to be the roughest yet for some of us in the U.S. during this pandemic. So here's to starting off 2021 with choosing to be more kind. 

Random Acts of Kindness may be simple choices like

  • Wearing a mask to keep others from getting sick,
  • Checking in on a friend who may be lonely,
  • Sitting to listen to a family member who just received a life-changing diagnosis.
  • Donating to a food bank,
  • Sending someone a cute picture of an animal
  • Sending an inspiring text to someone you know is struggling. 
  • Offering support to vulnerable neighbors.

"Take a cup" and raise it to kindness. It doesn't even need to be a pint of Scottish stout, or a glass of Champaign at the stroke of midnight. It can be herbal tea, or hot chocolate. 

Here's to more kindness and more empathy...and reuniting with old freinds later in 2021.

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