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Spotlight on Scent - Lemon and Lavender

Lemon and Lavnder

Spotlight on Scent - Lemon and Lavender

What do you get when you blend the refreshing scent of freshly-squeezed lemons with the sweet aromatic fragrance of real lavender buds that evoke a feeling of calm and tranquility?

Nirvana in a fragrance. It's soft, clean and inviting. 

The first note, the tart lemon that greets your senses is clean and zesty. Then this combination softly give way to the the sweet, floral scent of real lavender buds with its herbal notes and balsamic undertones.

It's like a great and lasting relationship; bright, fun and comfortable. Neither scent overpowers the others' unique contributions. They simply compliment each other.

Lemon and Lavender were meant to be together.

We put that magic in a natural coconut milk soap lather and you can buy it here.

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