Candle Shipping Policy

Shipping Candles During Hot Weather

While there’s not a reasonable way we can guarantee that candles will arrive the way they leave here, you should know about the measures we take to reduce the risk of them melting if left in a hot truck or on a hot porch.

  1. We will ship your candle(s) in corrugated boxes that meet or exceed our shippers standards. A strong box allows us to pack more effectively so that things stay in place during transit. The corrugation also provides air channels with help to slow down heat transfer.
  2. We add at least one small Ice Pack Cell designed for shipping and coolers. 
  3. We wrap each candle in a sealed bubble envelope and add a sheet of foil bubble wrap for further insulation and additional corrugation.
  4. We may limit our ship days to early in the week, so that orders do not sit on a trailer over the weekend.
  5. We suggest you choose expedited/priority shipping for longer transit locations. (More than 3 days.)
  6. Please pay attention to tracking so that your package doesn’t set on a doorstep in the sun. You may consider having it delivered to a work address 
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