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Today Is National Random Acts Of Kindness Day

A Simple Act of Kindness

Often times a simple kindness can change your outlook for the whole day.It can also become contagious when want to pay it forward. It doesn't even take a lot of planning, and doesn't have to cost a penny. You just need to look around and you'll see someone who deserves some kindness.

Here are just a few ideas you can do today!

  • Put your phone down and take a few minutes to show some meaningful interest in co-worker, family and pets/
  • Compliment someone. Tell them what makes them awesome.
  • Encourage someone who needs a boost
  • Give up a good parking spot.
  • Smile at everyone you meet today. Watch them return it. 
  • Hold the elevator or door open for a stranger.
  • Let someone behind you at the store check out first.
  • Help someone struggling with heavy bags.
  • Help someone take a photo.
  • Take time to give someone who looks lost directions.
  • Say thank you to the unsung heroes of your community you'll encounter today; city workers, security guards, baggers at a grocery store, wait staff at restaurants, construction workers, nurses...
What are some Random Acts of Kindness you've practiced? 
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