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Island Thyme's Soap Company Spring Mood Board

"Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!" ~ Robin Williams  

We couldn't agree more! Spring is the time our gardens put on their party best, with bright yellow of the Daffodils, the almost neon greens of the Snowball Viburnum, the royal purple of the Crocus. While it’s been a long, cold winter in many places, spring is just around the corner and there may be no better way to celebrate the wonders of spring than surrounding your senses with its bright colors!

We make soap with those beautiful bright spring colors too!

We believe that lathering up in the bath or shower should be more than a skin cleansing routine.  We believe it should be a very pleasant experience. Just as the scent influences our sensory receptors that affect our moods, so does color!  

So click on over to Island Thyme Soap Company's "party store" where the Big (Brightly Colored Beautiful) Bars are celebrate the coming of spring! 

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