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Spotlight on Scent - Lily of the Valley

The Victorian novelist Elizabeth Gaskell once wrote:

"I would far rather have two or three Lilies of the Valley gathered for me by a person I like, than the most expensive bouquet that could be bought!" 

You probably recognize the delicate white bell shaped blooms. The fragrant bell shaped flowers make their way into countless bridal bouquet across the globe as it's often linked with tenderness, love, faith, happiness and purity. The scent notes are spicy, green and sweet, with hints of lemon.

In folklore, Lily of the Valley is said to protect gardens from evil spirits and is also considered the flower of fairies, who drink from its tiny cups. 

While Lily of the Valley looks sweet and innocent, during WWI it was used to treat soldiers exposed to poison gas, and its also a treatment for heart disorders, UTIs, epilepsy, kidney stones and burns.

Breaking Bad Cameo

While it can heal, it can also be also incredibly toxic to humans and animals. Breaking Bad fans will recall that in Season 4 finale, young Brock's illness wasn't caused by the ricin intended for Gus Fring as Jesse suspected. It was from the berries of Lily of the Valley, revealed to be in Walt's backyard as he sat by the pool and looked over his shoulder at the large potted Lily of the Valley plant.

So if you grow it in your garden, ensure its grown with caution. Or if you prefer, you can play it safe and just enjoy it's magical scent in a bath or shower. 

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