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The Essence of Miami's South Beach


Miami's South Beach is truly a multisensory experience. Take a casual stroll along the iconic Historic Art Deco District and feast your eyes on all those lovely pastel palaces along Ocean Drive, feel the warm salty ocean breeze on your face, then notice a melting pot of fragrances like orange flowers, sunscreen, jasmine and espresso.

At night South Beach comes alive with crowds ready to go out and have a world-class evening. The sights of the neon lighting and sounds of the music, the eclectic tastes of culinary hot spots; everything from gourmet to casual beachside cuisine. 

We thought this island playground for the senses deserved an Island Thyme Soap Company creation. We call it, SOUTH BEACH, of course!

South Beach Coconut Milk Soap - Island Thyme Soap Company

Lather up with this luxury bar of coconut milk soap and you can almost hear the conga beat! Chunks of ripe cantaloupe, fresh juicy cut watermelon and pure sugarcane, the kind you can buy at an open farmer's market.  Then the gentle aroma of thick, meaty petals of fragrant blooming Lilies and...the ocean breeze.

Like all Island Thyme Soap Company BIG Bars, we use only the finest oils, butters, fragrances and essential oils and we use LOTS of them in this formulation! Each ingredient brings unique properties (including bubbles and creamy lather) to the finished bar. All our ingredients are sourced with care and a commitment to sustainable practices. Always cruelty free, and always paraben and phthalate-free.

And like the Art Deco hotels, each 7 oz bar of Island Thyme Soap Company's South Beach is a work of art, painted by hand and stamped with our iconic Island Thyme dancer. 

What is she dancing to?  Pretty sure it's Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine! Can you hear it?

"Feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger
Don't you fight it 'til you tried it, do that conga beat."

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