Local Holiday Gift Guide Features Island Thyme Soap Company - Island Thyme Soap Company

Local Holiday Gift Guide Features Island Thyme Soap Company

Everything from stickers for stocking stuffers to signed books for bookworms, to crystal jewelry for the spiritual one, hot sauce for family chef, gourmet treats fir furry freinds and more, Axios Tampa Bay has published a 2021 curated guide to buying local for everyone in your life this holiday season.

Island Thyme Soap Company's Artisan Crafted Coconut Milk Soap is featured "For the one who loves to be pampered."

Small businesses were greatly affected by COVID-19 in 2020 and many shoppers opted for online orders and same-day delivery, things most small businesses couldn’t compete with. Many didn't survive. As the pandemic eased in 2021, 82 percent of consumers say they’d spend more to support local businesses according to one survey,

Consumers are increasingly seeking gift offerings from local small businesses this holiday season as they have seen that shopping locally has more benefits than shopping online or at big-box stores. They're becoming more community-conscious, and they want to invest their money into small businesses during tough times to give their money a greater meaning. 

Why Shop Local?

3 Big Benefits that come from Supporting Local Small Businesses

  • Purchases Help Your Community.

Money you spend locally goes directly to your community. Every dollar you spend is invested into the business and those who run it; your neighbors. It also creates demand for local jobs. Thriving independent businesses can help boost homes values and properties within the area. 

  • Customer Experience Is the Priority

Small businesses usually have fewer customers than Big Box stores or Amazon. That makes every customer more valuable and every customer . becomes that small business owner's top priority.  If there is a problem, the odds of getting it personally resolved by the owner of the company are much higher than in Big Box stores.

  • Fresher and More Unique Products and Produce

You can find a variety of items at local stores you may not find anywhere else. While smaller local shops and businesses may not be able to compete with the advertising budget of larger chain stores and brands, small local shops focus on the quality of the things they sell rather than the quantity. The products are not stuck sitting on a cargo ship.  

What's not to love about the local businesses in your community? If you're still looking for that perfect gift for this holiday season, Axios Tampa Bay Local Gift Guide can be a handy Santa's helper!

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