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Island Cove Beads: Crafting Hygge Connections

Guest Blog Post by Colleen Ewart, owner of Island Cove Beads & Gallery

Island Cove Beads: Crafting Hygge Connections

Hygge (pronounced “Hoo-Guh”) is often misconstrued as merely encompassing material comforts like candles and soft blankets, inspired by Scandinavian design. While these elements are indeed important to creating a hygge atmosphere, it goes much deeper.

At its core, hygge is a facet of Danish culture that places a profound emphasis on fostering genuine human connections. It's about cherishing moments with those who matter most to us; a sense of security, where we feel sheltered from the outside world, free to let our guards down and savor life's small pleasures.

Embracing hygge in our lives can lead to a heightened sense of well-being and contentment. To infuse more hygge into your life, stow away your phone and spend some quality time with your cherished companions.

Tucked away in the serene coastal town of Indian Rocks Beach lies a gem known as Island Cove Beads & Gallery. Flourishing since 2012, our establishment has united local artists within the intimate seaside community, creating a shared space for artistic expression and inspired collaboration.

This charming shop also functions as a gallery for over 50 local artists. In addition to this, it boasts a complete bead store, offering a diverse range of classes encompassing bead stringing, needle and thread beadwork, fiber arts, painting, wire wrapping, metal stamping, resin, chainmaille, crochet and macrame, cartonnage, metal embossing, and an array of other jewelry crafting techniques. It even has an adjacent boutique called "Cove West."

Furthermore, it plays host to delightful candle-pouring gatherings and custom perfume crafting experiences in collaboration with Island Thyme Soap Company.

island cove bead huddle

On the first Thursday of the month from 5-7 PM (With the exception of November due to traveling), Island Cove Beads & Gallery embraces the essence of meaningful human connections by hosting a "Bead Huddle." You're warmly invited to bring your unfinished projects and revel in a delightful evening of beading among friends during our open beading session. The Bead Huddle at Island Cove is a wonderful gathering of crafty and imaginative individuals, where both Ladies and Gents are wholeheartedly welcomed, whether you revel in beading, crocheting, painting, knitting, or simply engaging in good conversation. It's all about those human connections.

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