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Introducing Oak Moss Limousin

Oak Moss Limousin 

We are proud to introduce our second exclusive Eco-Musings Select Fragrance Oak Moss Limousin.

This exclusive blend is a genuine deep forest-like fragrance, rich and earthy. 

Oak Moss is known as an essential ingredient of the most elite perfumes. This exclusive fragrance blend starts with just a hint of French Lavender before it unfolds to the distinctively wet and woody base note of Oak Moss. For mystery we added subtle notes of Green Vetiver, Vanilla and Nutmeg.

It is a sharp and very sensual combination, exactly like you would expect to discover walking through the Limousin Forest is the southwest of France.  Here you'd find the white oaks covered in moss and lichens. The wood is favored for wine-making barrels due to its aromatic components.

It's available now in Eco-Musings Select Premium Shaving Soap here.  Watch for it to seen be available in Eco-Musings Select Collection Shower Soap.

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