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Confessions of a Natural Soap Addict

natural soap addict

Confessions of a Natural Soap Addict

That moment....when you first wrap your fingers around a new bar of soap and slowly bring it up closer to your nose...and then you let the scent bloom as you close your eyes, the fragrance notes slowly opening up to play the music in your head that takes you to a far away yet familiar place.

The top notes light floral and citrus notes you recognize immediately. An impression has been made. You have now successfully been lured want more, and as the delicate top notes fade you are drawn to the middle notes, or the "heart of the fragrance" notes. It's very pleasant, a smooth combination of floral or fruit tones, maybe infused with some spices. You could linger here a while...and if you do the base notes, the final fragrance notes appear and mingle with the heart notes to create the full body of the scent and now you have the lasting impression. These rich notes linger on and on.... can be an obsession.

So many soap scents.  So many fragrance notes. 

Such a simple pleasure.  

It's a lot like a shoe obsession; hand crafted natural soap is like the Jimmy Choo of body cleansing products. Except you don't need to find room in your closet, you just need to find room in your shower. 

There are currently 10 different bars of soap in the humble authors' master bath to choose from, depending on my mood and occasion...and that's not including the men's soap. 

So how many bars of soap does it take to satisfy a natural soap addict?

We just think that's a silly question. 

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