Celebrate National Don't Fry Day with Island Thyme Soap Company - Island Thyme Soap Company

Celebrate National Don't Fry Day with Island Thyme Soap Company

It's National Don't Fry Day! 

As we gear up for some much-needed fun in the sun, don't forget the importance of protecting your skin and the environment. The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention designated the Friday before Memorial Day as Don't Fry Day.

The Council's goal is to encourage sun safety awareness by reminding everyone to protect their skin while enjoying the outdoors on Don't Fry Day and every day.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States and 90% of skin cancers are preventable. Take small steps to protect your skin and prevent skin cancer: apply sunscreen, wear protective clothing, stay out of the sun during peak hours, and seek shade when you are outside.

Dermatologists generally recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. This is because SPF 30 offers the highest level of protection from the sun's harmful UVB rays, blocking out 97% of them.

Choose Reef Safe Sunscreen 

There's a connection between responsible sun protection and our eco-friendly products. Like our luxurious coconut milk soap and coconut and apricot wax scented candles, we always look for natural, safe, environment friendly and sustainably sourced ingredients. Living on the Gulf Coast, we want to not only protect our skin, we are also concerned about is that a lot of the sunscreens on the market are harmful to marine ecosystems and coral reefs. There are many options on the market. We compiled a suggested list in a previous blog post here.

As we kick off the season this Memorial Day weekend, let's celebrate the beauty of summer while safeguarding our skin and the environment. Pamper your skin with gentle handmade coconut milk soap and then take small steps to prevent skin cancer.

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