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Bar Soap is BACK, Baby!

Consumers are demanding companies cut back on unnecessary plastic waste. They are shopping for more eco-friendly versions of everyday items; Zero waste items are preferred over single use plastic bags, reusable coffee cups instead of paper ones, 100% compostable and reusable beeswax food wrap instead of plastic wrap, etc. 

And now bars of soap are making a big comeback as consumers turn away from not only harsh detergent cleansers, but also the plastic bottles and pumpers they come in. The carbon footprint in general is 25 percent more for liquid cleansers than bar soap. Consumers use almost 7 times more liquid soap (2.3 grams) than bar soap (0.35 grams).

Comeback from what?

Between 2010 and 2015, bar soap showed a drop of 5% due to an impression among millenials that bar soap potentially harbored hidden germs and dirt.

An 2016 in-depth analysis by market intelligence agency firm Mintel found "Almost half (48%) of all U.S. consumers believe bar soaps are covered in germs after use, a feeling that is particularly strong among consumers aged 18-24 (60%), as opposed to just 31% of older consumers aged 65+.’"

But the science doesn't bear that out. 

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After a decline in market share over a decade, barred soap is now growing more quickly than its liquid equivalent and the shower gels segment. Much of the increased demand for bar soap is coming from the higher end of the market, as luxury toiletry brands. One London based brand describes their 6.3 oz (189g) bath soap that retails $35 in Nieman Marcus for as "perfect for a luxurious bath-time, or daily indulgence." 

We've always believed you should indulge your skin in a luxurious and gentle true soap. There's nothing more personal than what you put directly on your skin. It deserves to be pampered with personal care products that are as beautiful as they are skin loving! (We just don't think you should pay $35 for a smaller bar.)

Life is short! Buy the good soap made with plant based oils and butters! Swap  the cheap detergents, synthetic foamers and plastic waste for Island Thyme Soap Company's bar soap in our minimalist packaging. Artisan crafted soap is the best way to gently cleanse your skin of dirt and bacteria, and is a better choice for conscious consumers. 

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