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Woof! Your Dog Smells…GOOD!

Imagine; your boss comes to dinner, your dog greets her enthusiastically, and she looks at you and says,

Your Dog Smells….GOOD!”

That was the vision when we formulated this 100% natural handmade dog soap on a rope.

We created this gentle dog soap recipe with coconut milk and many of the same quality oils used in all my soaps; olive, coconut, sustainable organic palm, with one special addition; rice bran oil. Rice bran oil is high in tocotrienol, a powerful natural antioxidant, and is purported to promote a rich, shiny coat. Rice bran oil also protects from UV rays.

We put this soap on a rope because everyone knows, when bathing a dog, they wiggle, and wag. If you’re using a bar soap, it will likely get dropped. Then you have to hold the dog while simultaneously reaching for the soap.

The first scent blend of dog-friendly essential oils we call “Puppy Love.” It’s a blend of patchouli, lemongrass and sweet orange. We're currently formulating additional blends. All these oils discourage any crawling or winged creatures from making a new home in your dog’s fur. There are no artificial, synthetic or detergent ingredients in this soap. It lathers very well when applied to a very wet dog and rinses out quite easily even from very thick dog coats. And if your dog licks the lather or licks the fur after it dries, (and what dog doesn’t) you don’t have to worry about what your dog has ingested.

Soap in the eyes.

Take care to protect your fur baby's eyes.  It IS soap, Soap is a salt of fatty acids, so it will sting the eyes. Think of what would happen if you put table salt in your eyes. The pH in the dog soap, while mild, is different than the pH in the eyes. The eyes will naturally tear up in an attempt to balance the pH.  There is no long term harm, it's just unpleasant.  How do baby shampoo makers sell "Tear Free" formulas?  Some large chemical companies found a way to anesthetize the eyes but putting something into products that acts like Novocaine for the eyes. In other words; the babies eyes are still being irritated, they just don't feel it. Some have even added a chemical that that puts a film over the eyes.  Since we strive for more natural products, we don't add those chemicals.

Each bar is the size of a guest soap to fit comfortably in your hand. If you have a large dog, (40 lbs or more) you can expect to get 3-4 baths from one bar. If you have a small dog of course you will get many more baths. Simply wrap the rope around your wrist, rub your hands together to get the lather going, wet your dog and lather up!

Even if YOU get wet, you’ll BOTH enjoy it!

Eco-Musings “Your Dog Smells…GOOD” dog soap is available here and is also available at Island Cove Beads and Gallery.

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