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Dirty Hippie Patchouli Coconut Milk Soap

A Patchouli Scent 

A single note of dark Indonesian patchouli.

BEST PATCHOULI SOAP!  FAR OUT, MAN.The old joke went like this:

Q: Where can you hide something from a hippie?
A: Under the soap.

Unless, of course, that soap is all-natural and smells like patchouli. Now nothing is safe, and even the hippies are clean.  

Ingredient highlights: Dark Indonesian Patchouli essential oil, avocado oil and European clay.

Cruelty Free, Phlalate Free, Ethically Sourced, Responsibly Packaged,

For the "Patchouli Hippies" out there. You know who you are! Handmade with love, and coconut milk!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Bethany Raven
This soap Rules!!!

Love this soap and has the best patchouli scent and feels so silky

Fantastic Product

Wife and I absolutely love this soap! Worth every penny and look forward to buying more of this great product!

Richard S.
Great soap great company

Yeah that patchouli soap is so fragrant and lasting. If you like patchouli, be a dirty hippie! Cheers!

Maggie F.
clean hippys smell better

excellent. love the way it makes my skin feel

Maggie F.
no more lotion

I love the patchouli scent...LOVE the fact I don't have to use lotion for dry keeps your skin very moisturized. I also LOVE the soap on a rope for my more fishing for a slippery bar of soap whilst trying to wash your dog.