Vulfix Badger Brush


Progress Vulfix Pure Badger Brush With A Moulded Handle. Your choice of Black or Cream Handle.

This is a nice quality brush for producing lots of luxurious lather while making your soap last longer. Because of its natural water absorbing capability, badger hair is an ideal material for generating a rich and warm lather. Using a good brush with a quality shave soap softens and lifts the facial hair off the face for a closer shave. This brush maintains the right amount of warm water to the skin during the shaving process which helps open pores and lubricate the skin and it also gently exfoliates the surface of the skin to rid it of dead cells. 

A pure badger lasts on average three years.

Product of Isle of Man. (Height-100mm, Loft-50mm, Knot-20mm).

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