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Island Thyme Soap Company

Dried Botanicals & Salts Bath Shots

Dried Botanicals & Salts Bath Shots

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Imagine a quiet sanctuary, where every bath becomes an enchanting ritual. Our 4 oz Bath Salt & Floral Shots are crafted with devotion, featuring a delicate dance of dried chamomile blossoms, calendula, cornflower, and rose petals, adorned with tiny rose buds. The luxurious blend of Dead Sea, pink Himalayan, Dendritic, and Epsom salts envelopes you in a soothing embrace. A touch of creamy coconut milk powder adds an extra layer of indulgence. As you immerse yourself, the blend of lavender, bergamot, and sweet orange essential oils transports you to a realm of pure decadence. Elevate your bathing experience with this hygge-inspired sensory escape. 

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