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Island Thyme Soap Company

Coastal Candle - White Tin Series

Coastal Candle - White Tin Series

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Island Thyme Soap Company believes in the power of simple pleasures, and our Coastal Candle White Tin Series is a perfect example. These 8 oz satin tin wood wick candles are like a sanctuary, inviting you to create a cozy coastal nook within your home. They provide an escape from the chaos of busy life and allow you to find solace in the embrace of the beach. Close your eyes, breathe in the essence of life at the shore, and immerse yourself in the serenity that awaits.

Each candle is embellished with a tiny starfish, sea shells and Amazonite chips, a symbol of emotional balance found when dipping your toes in the warm surf,

Choose from three scent choices:

Beach, P L E A S E... 

Your sassy escape from the noise, where the beach vibe says it all.

Fragrance Notes: Sink into a tropical blend of mango slices, pineapple chunks, and zesty orange zest, topped with a luxurious splash of creamy coconut milk. With each flicker, let the scent transport you to a realm where beach days reign supreme and worries are just a distant memory.

It's your sassy way of saying "Bitch, please" to all the negativity and nonsense, embracing a carefree moment by the shore. So kick back, relax, and let "Beach, P L E A S E..." whisk you away to your little slice of paradise.

Beach Hair Don't Care

Be transported to a world where sun-kissed skin and sassy hair are not just moments in time, but a state of mind. 

Fragrance Notes: Dive into the tantalizing blend of raw coconut, sun-kissed raspberry, and zesty mandarin orange, whisking you off to moments of sheer bliss. As the candle glows, delicate whispers of violet petals, succulent plum, and peach nectar wrap you in a comforting hug, just like a gentle sea breeze tousling your hair.

Let the sweet warmth of sugar and vanilla linger, creating a sense of calm and contentment that lasts. With "Beach Hair Don't Care," every day is a sandy adventure where your carefree spirit reigns supreme.

Bougie Beach Hotel

Where luxury meets coastal charm in a wood-wick scented candle.  Experience a fragrance fusion of ancient traditions and contemporary elegance.

Fragrance Notes: Savor the invigorating blend of Mandarin Peel and Green Tea at the forefront, accompanied by a hint of lively Lemon Zest. Delve deeper into layers of Ginger Root, Shaved Nutmeg, and Sage Leaf, reminiscent of fine dining experiences within the hotel's walls. Indulge in the creamy essence of Hass Avocado and golden Agave Nectar, evoking the flavors of a gourmet breakfast.

Wrap yourself in the comforting embrace of Tonka Bean, mirroring the plush tranquility of your luxurious suite. 

Comes with a candle care card.


Our Wax

Sustainable and clean burning coconut apricot candle wax blend for luxury candles. Sustainable, natural, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Our Fragrance

Clean, paraben and phthate and cruelty-free fragrances formulated in the U.S.A. for candle makers by candle makers.

Care information

  • Burn candles on a clean, flat surface out of direct sunlight, drafts and away from children, pets and flammable materials.
  • Trim the wick to 1/4” before the first burn. 
  • Allow the melt pool to reach the edges of the container on the first burn to prevent tunneling
  • Trim the wick of the charred wood to 1/8” before each subsequent burn to prevent sooting.
  • Never burn a candle for more than 4 hours at a time to prevent overheating.
  • Remove all wick trimmings and debris from the wax between each burn. See this blog post for more candle care tips.

Approximate Burn Time

  • 8 oz tin: up to 45 hours depending on wick trimming
  • 12 oz glass vessel: up to 65 hours depending on wick trimming.
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