It's All About The Fall Comfort Scents! This Handmade Artisan Box Has A Retail Value of $100+

Philodendron in Fall | ITSC Package From Paradise

Philodenron in the Fall Necklace

Philodendron in the Fall Necklace. Another exquisite piece of jewelry from Island Cove Beads and Gallery, our favorite bead store on the beach. This necklace features a beautiful torch fired enamel philodendron leaf. It’s enameled in Florida fall colors and embellished with a freshwater pearl and glass fire polish bead. It’s suspended from a 24 inch antique copper ball chain that can be custom sized by simply snipping off the desired length to make the perfect fall gatherings accessory. Retail Value $30

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Pumpkin Butter | ITSC Package From Paradise

Pumpkin Butter

We heard so many compliments about the Peach Mango Butter that was featured in the Summer Box, we HAD to get some of Pumpkin Butter!  Fresh roasted pumpkins that are spiced to perfection to create a creamy light and flavorful spread that will delight your yogurt, pancakes, waffles or oatmeal.  Any toast, cake or just by itself. Chock full of vitamins too! This delicious Homemade pumpkin butter complete with a recipe for a yummy dip. Another all natural, gluten free, chemical free, vegan, low glycemic and alkaline handcrafted gourmet fruit butter from Aunt Neci’s.

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Flamingo Holiday Card | ITSC Packages From Paradise

Flamingo Holiday Card

We do love Flamingo cards! Anyone would feel special to receive this unique 5 x 7 handmade card with its matching envelope has a Kraft paper base layered with embossed card stock (with shimmery highlights), more Kraft paper stamped with seashells, and die cut flamingos just waiting to wish you a happy holiday with a wreath and matching pink bow. The inside has a vanilla paper layer with a stamped shell and sentiment “Thinking of you at Christmas.”  Retail Value $7

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Cinnamon Bead Wrapped Candle | ITSC Package From Paradise

Cinnamon & Bead Wrapped Candle

This Very Vanilla Cinnamon and Bead Wrapped Candle is a show stopper. As soy wax pillar candle scented with intense authenic vanilla fragrance with a subtle touch of cream warms up the cinnamon sticks it fills a room with that fragrant, woodsy scent of cinnamon.
And we added a pearl and rustic wire gardland for a totally unique yet very classic style. It screams "Home for the Holidays." Retail Value $25

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Fall Fragrances Soy Wax Melts

A selection of 8 handmade and hand-poured wax melts made from fully biodegradable non-toxic vegetable wax of pure 100% soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils. They are eco-friendly and melt beautifully in any warmer! We've fragranced them with a variety of premium fall fragrance oils for lasting room scenting; Very Vanilla, Mulled Cranberry, Grandma's Kitchen and Holiday Spice. Packaged beautifully, they made a thoughtful gift! Retail Value $7

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Hot Buttered Rum Soap | ITSC Package From Paradise

Hot Buttered Rum Soap

We're not normally drawn to food scented soap but OH MY WORD, this complex fragrance made us sit up and take notice! Since the Fall box is all about the comfort scents of fall, this blend of baking vanilla, simmered rum, topped with fresh whipped cream, a sprinkle of nutmeg, a sweet dash of toasted coconut and Butter, Butter, Buttery...well you get the picture. It's a fall treat! Retail Value $8

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Fall Spices in Lace Sachet

Toss this charming Fall Spices in Lace Sachet in a drawer, closet, kitchen or even your car to make your surroundings feel inviting and warm. Place it anywhere for a burst of warm fall fragrance! This sachet contain real cinnamon, clove, pumpkin spice, anise, nutmeg, crystalized ginger, dried orange peel, real essential oils, fragrance and rice.  Retail Value $5

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Reclaimed Wood Soap Dish | ITSC Package From Paradise

Reclaimed Wood Soap Dish

These natural reclaimed wood soap dishes are made up of a wide variety of reclaimed wood types such as oak, cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany, beech, poplar, ash, hickory, etc... Don't you just love the beautifully rich, natural colors of these wood types? They were handcrafted from scraps retrieved fromcabinet door shop. Retail Value $6

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Recover T Mini Wave Wrap | ITSC Package From Paradise

Recover T Mini Wave Wrap

You can rock this adorable autumn color Recover T Mini Wave as a bracelet or an anklet.  Make a splash this and add it to your stack or wear it as a little dainty addition to your look by itself!  Retail Value $5

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