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We are artists, we are tree huggers, we are cat people...and we are beach bums living on a little slice of paradise. It's our inspiration.


Legend tells of an Indian chief named Chic-a-Si who, having fallen gravely ill, was brought from his village in central Florida to the site of a rocky, freshwater spring along the Gulf coast, where the mineral-rich waters bubbling from the ground were believed to boast healing properties. There, Chief Chic-a-Si soon regained his health, and so the Indians began a yearly pilgrimage to partake of the miraculous waters flowing from the rocks of the wild barrier island now known as Indian Rocks Beach.

Centuries later, Indian Rocks Beach is the site of a small but vibrant island town, home to a diverse, colorful, and creative blend of people who collectively give this beach its unique, eclectic “cottage” character. While many of the surrounding beach communities embrace high-density commercial development, Indian Rocks Beach holds fast to the low-key charm of its history as a quiet artist community and beloved getaway spot, with a strong commitment to nature and an appreciation of “Old Florida.”

Island Thyme Soap Co. is proud to call Indian Rocks Beach home. We find inspiration for our small-batch natural soaps in the quaint beach cottages and family-owned shops, the sea turtle nests tucked among the sand dunes beside the glistening waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Though much has changed since the days of Chic-a-Si (the fabled healing spring has since been lost to time), a spirit of natural rejuvenation continues in the mission of Island Thyme Soap Co.


Our founder began making handmade soap in 2006 to limit her exposure to harsh toxic chemicals found in so many mass-produced personal hygiene and beauty products. Upon leaving the corporate world after 20+ successful years as a human resources executive for several large multi-state hospitality companies, soap-making soon became her passion, which in turn became a small business formerly known as Eco-Musings Soapery & Such. In February 2017, Eco-Musings officially became Island Thyme Soap Company.

Can you think of anything more personal than something that touches your bare skin? The look, scent, and feel of soap should all be more than just pleasant to the senses. Using it should be a luxury experience whether it's a long bubble bath or a short shower! That's why we are passionate about the simple pampering that can only come from natural, artisan-crafted soap. We take pride our luxurious recipe formulas, and we make our artisan-crafted soap by hand in small batches.

As we’re committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices, we wrap each Big Bar by hand with beautiful specialty paper! Each Island Thyme Soap Big Bar Company purchase helps save elephants in Sri Lanka.


"What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul." Island Thyme Soap Company adds the luxurious coconut milk lather. So live, love, laugh and lather up!


The use of above image of the Beach Access sign is courtesy of IRB ACTION 2000, a non profit organization of Spirited Volunteers that have given time and efforts to accumulate monies that were given back to the city of Indian Rocks Beach in the form of projects, improvements and charitable donations.  According to IRB Action President Julie Hoofnagle, the Beach Access signs were one of the group's favorite projects.  Click HERE for some of their current projects.