Help Us Save the Elephants of Sri Lanka

Healthy skin, healthy living, sustainability with a touch of whimsy!

The name and logo chosen for Island Thyme Soap Company was intended to communicate the promotion of healthy living and sustainability, with just a touch of whimsy. So our packaging needed to communicate that message as well. We make our soap cigar bands out of a very special recycled paper. 

If the United States cut office paper use by just 10% it would prevent the emission of 1.6 million tons of greenhouse gases the equivalent of taking 280,000 cars off the road. Compared to using virgin wood, paper made with 100% recycled content uses 44% less energy, produces 38% less greenhouse gas emissions, 41% less particulate emissions, 50% less wastewater, 49% less solid waste and — of course — 100% less forest destruction.

Mr Ellie Pooh Logo - Island Thyme Soap Company

And the recycled paper used in our soap packaging helps to save elephants in Sri Lanka where they are being killed at an alarming rate.  Farm produce in Sri Lanka has become a growing and necessary human resource and populations grow. Trees are cut down, shrinking the elephant’s natural grazing grounds. Wild elephants are not favored as neighbors. They destroy the valued crops when they come looking for food, so the farmer often shoot and kill them.

But these noble beasts don’t have to be considered threats or pests. They can be economic assets as well.

All it took was some innovating thinking.

Enter a company called Mr Ellie Pooh,  an eco-friendly Fair Trade company making exotic gifts and paper made partially out of elephant poo!

Mr. Ellie Pooh’s paper products are 100% recycled. They are made up of 50% fiber from elephant dung and 50% post consumer paper. There are no toxic chemicals used in our paper making process. Natural vegetative binding agents, along with water-soluble salt dyes for coloring are used. Mr. Ellie Pooh’s papers are handmade, acid free and as organic as it gets.

No bleach. No Acids. And no alkaline or acid solutions are introduced during manufacturing. The paper is completely safe to touch and handle. The raw material is completely disinfected as part of a 1 full day boiling process. The final product has been scientifically tested and detailed as “Non harmful” by a Ceylon Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (CIRIS) report. If you’d like more information about how the paper is made, here’s a good explanation.

The Peace Project difference: Mr Ellie Pooh and its’ partners at Maximus are working to improve the socio – economic situation that currently restricts under privileged people living in rural areas of Sri Lanka while addressing the conflict between humans and wild elephants. When you purchase Island Thyme Soap you become part of the solution.