Going Natural for Those with Skin Allergies

February 20, 2015

A skin allergy or sensitivity can be a pain, but going natural can help in avoiding triggers.

Natural Soap Ingredients Alchemy

In a study which concluded in 2013 and was performed by the CDC and the National Center for Health Statistics, it was found that 12% of children in the United States have some type of skin allergy. While these rates do tend to go down as children grow older, even those who overcome an allergy will often be left with some type of sensitivity as they develop into adults, and this 12% amounts to some 8.8 million people across the country. For children and adults alike, some of the most common skin allergy or sensitivity triggers are the same things you’re like to find in the many skin care and cosmetics products lining today’s store shelves, making it rather difficult to find comfortable options without poring over long and complicated ingredient lists.

When it comes to skin allergies, natural options help you to keep things simple, and we at Eco-Musings create our cold-processed soaps without many of the common allergy triggers so often found in the mass-produced soaps of today. With mass-produced soaps, the batches being created are so large that it can be difficult to know exactly what is going into each and every bottle or bar, so even the options which claim to be free of certain ingredients could be subject to trace amounts through cross contamination and a lack of quality assurance; something easily avoided when creating small batches using elements from nature. 

Some common skin allergy triggers often found in mass-produced cosmetics and soaps are:

  • Parabens
  • Surfacants
  • Sulfates
  • Thimerosal
  • Chemicals associated with preservatives
  • Synthetic fragrance

While the reasons for using such ingredients may differ, these substances all have two things in common: they’re popular allergy triggers, and they’re found in many of today’s mass-produced soap and cosmetic products. Long ingredient lists can be difficult for those with skin allergies to contend with, as they consistently cause a person the need to carefully read over each word seemingly more fit for a science textbook than a soap bar, but this is a step made much easier by going natural.

At Eco-Musings, we make sure that all of our handcrafted and artisan soaps are free of detergents, synthetic chemicals, parabens, preservatives, petroleum products, and phthalates, so choosing the right soap for you isn’t reminiscent of studying for a big chemistry exam. With the absence of such ingredients in our handcrafted soaps, we are able to provide an option made to be a bit easier for those who have certain skin requirements, as your skin is enveloped by the benefits of what nature, rather than chemicals, has to offer.

Sensitive skins needs to be gently cleansed, not harshly stripped of it's natural protections.

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