Eco-musings Shaving Soap Found in a Dandy Place!

January 30, 2015

Dandy’s, The Gentleman’s Store ...

in Austin TX is now carrying Eco-Musings Shaving Soap in their unique Gentleman's shop!

According to Austin's Tribeza Magazine:

Dandy’s is an escape into an early twentieth century haven: the bustle of South Congress fades, replaced by the smooth sounds of jazz, as you enter a world of sack suits and suspenders, herringbone and handkerchiefs. Owners Wendy Bykowski and her husband, Chris, have always been fascinated by decades past, but they have a particular affinity for the turn of the century. “It’s the last wearable era,” Bykowski says. Evoking the time period through vintage-inspired fabrics and shapes, Dandy’s offers classic style for the modern-day gentleman. In addition to an extensive selection of boots, custom and ready-to-wear hats, a full shaving section, gramophones, pocket watches and other accessories, the duo’s specialty is the custom suit, which often begins with a modernized sack suit silhouette that customers can then personalize with their choice of fabric, liner, overall fit and more. “We want guests to have an experience at Dandy’s,” Bykowski says. “They can get measured, enjoy a glass of scotch and have this beautiful piece of clothing they’ll be able to keep forever.”

As I mentioned in THIS POST, the glorious male ritual of wet shaving is making a comeback and since we are such suckers for all things vintage, having Eco-Musings in a shop that features gentlemen's suiting design from the 1870’s through 1930 just makes our soapmaker hearts beam with pride.

The craftsmanship that goes into a haberdasher's hats is truly something to behold.  Haberdashery and wet-shaving, both enjoying a renaissance and on Dandy's.

Seriously, take some time right now to mosey around in Dandy's Facebook page and Pinterest collection.  We think you'll be amazed.

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