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2020 has been a challenging year for many, young and old.  Our day to day routines were upended, our future became unpredictable and our in-person social interactions risky. Too many people have lost family members, freinds, jobs, homes, or savings. Many are facing long term health problems  The year has been stressful to say the least. 

So what exactly are we thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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If you look at ingredients in body wash, you might see SLS, an anionic surfactant used in detergents to create foam. Coconut milk creates a natural foam in handmade soap.
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For September, we've added two hurricane Laura relief funds to our "You Shop. We Give" widget featured in our Giving Back Program. 

The massive storm made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane near the Louisiana-Texas border. Recovery could take weeks. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic creates additional challenges. 

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Let's Have Some Good Clean Fun!

Are you a Xylophile? A Thalassophile? Or a Bohemian at Heart?

Take this completely non-scientific seven question quiz to find out!

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In addition to considering SFP factors when shopping for the best protection for your skin, those of us who live by and love the ocean often factor which type of sunscreen to use based on its effect on coral reefs and other marine wildlife.
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The Victorian novelist Elizabeth Gaskell once wrote: "I would far rather have two or three Lilies of the Valley gathered for me by a person I like, than the most expensive bouquet that could be bought!" 

In folklore, Lily of the Valley is said to protect gardens from evil spirits and is also considered the flower of fairies, who drink from its tiny cups.  In Breaking Bad, it was revealed to be the source of young Brock's illness that Jesse assumed was from the ricin intended for Gus Fring. 

It's delicate, but mightly powerful.

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The easy to identify scent of patchouli essential oil is rich, earthy and strong. It stimulates the senses; as deep a mystery and as dark as the night itself. We love patchouli soap blends so much at Island Thyme Soap Company we'd marry it if we could. But not everyone is a fan.

Patchouli: A Love or Hate Relationship

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Last month we focused on three charities for our Giving Back Program that provide food security assistance to those most affected by the coronavirus crisis. This month we turn in heartbreak and inspiration to those peacefully marching across the globe to send this singular message loud and clear:


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Because No One Should Go Hungry

Last month we announced the names of the three charities Island Thyme Soap Company chose to feature in our Giving Back Program as we continue to move through coronavirus crisis. During this time of uncertainty and spiking unemployment, many in the Tampa Bay area are struggling with essentials, like groceries. Today we're highlighting the featured charity that's making the biggest impact on our immediate neightbors. 

Feeding America Tampa Bay

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To honor Earth Day's 50th anniversary we are proud to announce our Carbon Neutral Shipping initiative.

Climate change represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable. The earth will adjust to the changing climate. Humanity will have a tougher time.

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As we all do our part to help contain the spread of COVID-19 by self-isolateing and social distancing, it's easy to to feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. We also suddenly more aware of how often we need to washing our hands, how we frequently we need to wipe down “high-touch” surfaces like countertops, doorknobs, toilets, phones, and keyboards using household cleaners and wipes. We suddenly need to be aware of how often we touch our faces, and how often  All that awareness can increase stress levels.

"I Can't Sleep!"

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A recent in-depth analysis by market intelligence agency firm Mintel reported that bar-soap sales in the U.S. declined 2.2% from 2014 to 2015 against an overall sales increase of 2.7% in the broader bath-and-shower category. Further, according to the report, the percentage of households using bar soap dropped five percentage points between 2010 and 2015 from 89% to 84%. What's causing the market for bar soap to continue to fall?  

A bad rap among millennials it doesn't deserve.

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