Get Sentimental For Valentine's Day

February 08, 2017

Get Sentimental For Valentine's Day | Island Thyme Soap Company

We love vintage things.

They evoke wistful affection for a past era. We get all "sentimental."

Nancy Rosin has a 10,000 piece collection of vintage Valentines cards chronicling the world's social history of love, from the first mail-posted Valentine on record in 1806 to some of the precursors to today's Valentines.


If you want to make this Valentine's day sentimental, here are a few simple ideas.

Forget the flowers, why not give a poster from the first movie you saw together or a copy of the soundtrack?

And forget a box of chocolates, why not dip fruit in dark chocolate an at-home fondue kit and savor an indulgent night together?

And thinking of vintage, our Sandalwood and Rose Soap makes a perfect Valentine's gift.

Light a few candles and give the most valuable gift of all; commit to spending more quality time with each other.

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