Island Thyme Soap Company Announces Sand Dollar Rewards Program

July 29, 2019

Announcing Our Virtual

Become A Proud Handmade Coconut Milk Soap Addict!




Learn how you can collect Virtual Sand Dollars and unlock exclusive rewards and perks!

How To Collect Island Thyme Soap Company Virtual Sand Dollars

  • Create An Account To Join Our Rewards Progan - Earn 25 Virtual Sand Dollars!
  • Celebrate A Birthday - Earn 10 Virtual Sand Dollars
  • Place An Order  - Earn 1 Virtual Sand Dollar for Every $1 Spent
  • Like Us on Facebook  - Earn 5 Virtual Sand Dollars
  • Share Us on Facebook - Earn 10 Virtual Sand Dollars
  • Follow Us on Twitter - Earn 5 Virtual Sand Dollars
  • Share Us on Twitter - Earn 10 Virtual Sand Dollars
  • Follow us on Instagram  - Earn 5 Virtual Sand Dollars
  • Leave a Product Review - Earn 20 Virtual Sand Dollars
  • Refer-A-Freind - Earn 50 Virtual Sand Dollars When Your Friend Makes a Purchase With the 10% Discount Coupon YOU GIVE THEM! 

After you've signed up for Sand Dollar Rewards, spread the word!

Share your love for the best smelling handmade soap on the market and our featured handmade treasures with friends, and family, and they'll receive 10% Discount Coupon toward their first purchase at Once they shop, you'll see 50 Virtual Sand Dollars in your account.

There is no limit to how many people you can refer.

Sharing is caring! 

How To Spend Your Virtual Sand Dollars*

  • Redeem 100 Virtual Sand Dollars For a $5 Discount Coupon
  • Redeem 175 Virtual Sand Dollars For a $10 Disount Coupon
  • Redeem 300 Virtual Sand Dollars For a $25 Discount Coupon

Use your Island Thyme Soap Company Virtual Sand Dollars to purchase any of our Handmade Coconut Milk Bar Soap or Man Cave Wet Shave Soap

*Discounts are currently not applicable to subscription boxes (due to software conflicts, but we're working to resolve that issue)

*Discounts can't be combined with other offers.

Read important Terms and Conditions HERE.

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