We've Reformulated Our Carnival Calypso Soap

July 25, 2019

We've Reformulated Our Carnival Calypso Soap

Don't worry though!

The fragrance still dances with notes of coconut, pineapple syrup, white flowers and a sensual vanilla background. We just reformulated the "look" of our Carnival Calypso Soap to reflect the colors of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago through the beautiful new swirls!

The dual-island Caribbean nation is home to a variety of celebrated music genres born out of the nation’s rich history of dance, devotion and demonstration. Calypso has risen as a national symbol regardless of attempts by the modern tourism industry to rebrand it as ‘tropical’ fantasy. Like our soap, the history of Calypso is much more colorful.


The slaves of Trinadad were not allowed to talk during work but they could sing. The lyrics in the songs were used as light comical banter, usually at someone else's expense, like gossip. The lyrics in the music were also used as a means of opining while working through song about political figures snd current events of the day. 

Happy Dance!

Calypso music is deemed as the World's most happiest music which is probably why the first watered down album "Calypso by Harry Bellefonte recorded in 1956 was the first album to sell more than 1 million copies!  In 2018 the album was added to the Library of Congress' National Recording Registry. 

Our Carnival Calypso Soap is our hommage to the rich, diverse history of the music and dance and it's back in stock!  Go grab a bar in the BIG BARS before they're gone!

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