Makers Gonna Make

June 20, 2019

Makers Gonna Make | Island Thyme Soap Company

The value of buying handmade vs mass produced products is more evident than ever. More and more consumers are becoming conscious shoppers, seeking information about the ethics involved in the sourcing and production of the products they purchase. And more and more Makers strive to create valuable items. Technology provides convenience to research how their purchases effect various causes consumers believe in. 

Handmade vs Mass Produced

Handmade items often have a story behind them, a purpose and inspiration for their existence. It's why handmade items make such practical gifts. More important than just the bottom line, artisans and makers typically strive to produce a piece of work that they are proud of. It’s fairly common for handcrafted items to be scrutinized by its maker far more than any mass produced product.

Makers Gonna Make

Makers have an unending a desire to improve on what they make and an unending desire to make their creations to memorable.  That's why Makers are gonna keep making. The value of buying handmade vs mass produced products is evident in how it encourages the artisans and makers to continue improving their craft, and growing their business. 

Supporting small handmade businesses essentially makes the consumer part of the artist's next creation and provides an opportunity to keep the arts and crafts culture alive. Your helps supports families, and local communities especially in times when traditional work, and careers may not offer the job security they once did.

We are proud of the rich Makers culture Florida's Suncoast has to offer. Each of our Package From Paradise box features a variety of handmade creations highlighting the talent of featured artisans and makers of Tampa Bay.

Meet The Makers featured in the Summer Box HERE. 

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